Lemongrass may be effective to kill Zika virus lavaes

• What you need to know about Zika Virus
ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The tiny, tadpole-like larvae never saw it coming. Neither did the team of medical researchers that had just killed them.
At the University of New Mexico’s Health Sciences Center, doctors in the Division of Infectious Diseases have been trying for years to find a safe, cheap and easy way to kill Aedes aegypti, the mosquito that transmits dengue fever. They’ve known they had a way to kill Aedes larvae. What they didn’t see coming was that a little-known disease discovered 70 years ago might provide the urgency they needed to get their solution into the public eye.
The Aedes mosquito also carries the Zika virus.
The emerging virus has caused alarm during its rapid spread through South and Central American countries. Cases of Zika have been reported in the United States and the World Health Organization has deemed the outbreak a public health emergency.
The disease often manifests itself in relatively benign, flu-like symptoms. But it is particularly dangerous to pregnant women. Children of women infected by the Zika virus seem to have a higher occurrence of a condition called microcephaly, in which infants have an underdeveloped skull and often a smaller brain. Its exact link to Zika is uncertain.
News of the virus spread almost as fast as — and now faster than — Zika itself. Reports are often accompanied by pictures of masked men blowing fog into tropical backyards and alleyways. The fog is a chemical insecticide.
“The rationale being that if you use a low enough concentration, it probably doesn’t harm people,” said Dr. Ravi Durvasula, chief of the center’s infectious diseases division. “But really, it’s pesticide and it’s in the water supply and this is the water that people drink.”
Two researchers working with Durvasula — Scott Matthews, M.D. and Ivy Hurwitz, Ph.D. — have found what they believe is a safe way to kill Aedes larvae using an elegant Trojan-horse strategy.
Matthews explained that the water-borne larvae are preoccupied with eating as they begin their journey into life. The larvae are storing up energy to shift their existence to the month-long life of an adult Aedes mosquito.
“It needs to eat a lot to grow fast. So, anybody with a teenager knows that it takes a lot of food to put on body mass,” he said.
Matthews and Hurwitz have been feeding the larvae one of the young mosquitoes’ favorite foods: yeast. The tiny particles have a thick, sugary outer shell that’s nearly irresistible to the larvae. Given the choice, they have eaten their way to adulthood on nothing but yeast.
But the researchers found a way to “crack” the yeast particle and replace the nutrients inside that outer shell with common lemongrass oil. The yeast particle only breaks down once it connects with an enzyme inside the larval gut.
“When they break it down, out comes the essential oil and kills the larvae,” Matthews said.
The results have been astounding.
“Very, very compelling,” said Durvasula, “One hundred percent mortality in every case for these mosquitoes. It works.”
Unlike a chemical insecticide, which often uses a single pathway such as the nervous system to kill an insect, the lemongrass oil kills the larvae using multiple systems. The effect is a natural insecticide that is much more difficult for the larvae to resist.
It’s also much safer for humans. It is relatively inexpensive and, the team hopes, easily deployable to developing countries where diseases like dengue fever and Zika are endemic.
The team is working with the university’s tech-transfer department to find a partner — either government, corporate, or non-profit — to pay for real-world testing.
In the meantime, the researchers plan to ramp up their testing regimen. The plan is to drop the yeast particles in dirtier water that can simulate what’s found in the ponds, puddles and pools of the cities where Zika is spreading faster than governments can keep up with it.

Home Made Essential Oil Repellent Spray
4 oz. Clean Glass Spray Bottle with a fine mist setting.
1.5 fl. ounces of Distilled Water and 1.5 fl. ounces of High-proof Vodka.
15 drops Citronella Essential Oil
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
5 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
Directions: Fill the spray bottle with the choice of either 1.5 fl. ounces of distilled water and 1.5 fl. ounces of alcohol or 3 fl. ounces of distilled water. (Even though a 4 oz. bottle is suggested, leave about 1 oz. unfilled so you can shake the bottle well between uses.) Then, add the essential oils.
To Use Follow Directions Carefully: Shake the bottle before each use. Essential oils do not fully dissolve in water and alcohol and will settle. If you do not shake the bottle, you risk having concentrated droplets of essential oil irritate your skin.



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Second Skin

eye bag second

Second Skin" Reduces eye bags.

This is article from Harvard Women's health Watch
There may soon be a nonsurgical alternative for alleviating those bothersome eye bags.
It's call " second skin" from siloxanes-oxgen-silicone compounds that can be modified to have various properties including elasticity and permeability. This was tested 170 subjects so far no one has reported irritation or allergic reactions.

I have researched on internet about this. There are some similar products are on the market already, but real thing( siloxanes compound product) is not approved by FDA.

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Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer skin Care Tips from Esthetician

**Removing dead & dulling impurities from the skin while help maintain hydration.

** Soothe & Hydrate Sunburns,then Enhance Sun Protection
*Blend equal parts Activating Liposome Complex & Triple C&E Complex and apply in the AM

**Protect, Protect & continue to Protect
*Apply Solar Defender SPF 30 following your moisturizer and reapply throughout the day!!!

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Skin & Excercise Must read !!!!


excercise pic

MAKES YOU SWEAT Along with the kidneys and liver, the skin is one of the body's mechanisms for ridding itself of toxins.

Vigorous exercise helps the body do just that. It gives the sweat glands a workout too, helping the skin to get rid of the things that can clog pores or cause breakouts.

It's very important to wash the face after exercising. Pore clearing cleanser is a great post-workout face wash. Purifying sage, thyme, eucalyptus and a patented blend of the most active fractions of tea tree oils from New Zealand and Australia work quickly to balance pore ecology without causing irritation and redness.

BOOSTS OXYGEN AND BLOOD FLOW TO THE SKIN Exercise increases blood flow to the skin and that increase also carries more oxygen to the skin. The increased blood flow to the skin and that increase also carries more oxygen to the skin. The increased blood flow and oxygen also helps carry nutrients that support skin health. That means all the nutrients from the good food consumed as part of New Year's diet makeover can benefit the skin. Adding Oxygen Boosting Complex Will also energize the skin and help to super-charge results of serums.

RELIEVES STRESS Stress affects every cell in the body and amplifies existing skin problems. It causes everything from breakouts to prolonged redness to an acceleration of the skin's aging process by as much as 6-10 years-making stress the 2nd greatest influence on aging, second only to sunlight. Cortisol-the master stress hormone-triggers inflammation at a cellular level, damages cell membranes, shortens DNA strand and reduces cellular production of youthening proteins, especially collagens, elastin and glycosaminoglycans. This leads to early cell death and the onset of premature aging. Luckily, exercise is the ultimate stress reliever and can keep your skin looking young, healthy and vibrant. If stress is a big factor, suggest Stress Recovery Complex ">Stress Recovery Complex which contains a stress- fighting technology called Cortinhib. Studies show that it helps stressed skin withstand the visible effects of cortisol within 30 minutes of application.

TONES YOUR MUSCLES Toned muscles are a great benefit of a regular exercise routine. Strong and firm muscles help to support the skin, which makes it firmer and feel more elastin. Exercise can't get rid of cellulite, but it may help diminish its appearance. Suggest Triple C &E Lotion to give an extra boost to those areas lacking firmness and elasticity.



While it's tempting, don't wear makeup when exercising. The mixture of dirt, sweat and cosmetics , is the perfect recipe for clogged pores and breakouts. But if makeup is a must, be sure to wash the face immediately after exercising to get rid of impurities that can cause problems.

Can't wash right away? Packing a small Ziploc bag with cotton balls lightly soaked in Pore Purifying Astringent to do a quick cleansing swipe after a workout if showering immediately isn't an option.

If heat-activated Rosacea is a concern, do try low-intensity or moderate workouts. Swimming is a great choice because the water will keep the body cool during a full body workout. Or try alternating "hot" and "cool" activities: lift weights or run for 15 minutes, then stretch or swim for 15 minutes. Once the body has cooled down, return to the more vigorous activities and continue to switch it up to help regulate body temperature. Remember to apply R-Relief Serum to cool down heat-activated skin.

If outdoor exercise is on the list of activities, do protect the skin from the sun and/or harsh, cold weather.

Solar Defender SPF 30 is sweat resistant and water resistant which makes it the perfect sunscreen to wear during outdoor sports and/or exercise. For cold weather, 1 pump of Moisture Boost Hydra Gel under a layer of Calming Bio Lipid Repair Creme helps to seal in moisture and protect from harsh environments.

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The Truth about Sunscreen

The truth about Sun Screen

image of the sun

1. There is no such thing as sunblock.

No sun screen completely block UV rays.

An SPF 15 protests against 93% of UV rays(allowing 7% to get through and burn your skin),SPF 30 protects against 97%(allowing 3% to get through and burn your skin),

SPF 50 wards off 98%, SPF 98 about 99%- and these percentages only pertain if you apply the right amount. If not , even less protection is delivered. So get rid of the word "sunblock"- unless you're saying," there's no such thing as sunblock".

2. What is SPF

The SPF number tells you the amount of time it take your skin to become slightly red 24 hours after sun exposure. If 15 minutes of sun exposure brings redness to your skin the following day, then SPF 30 gives you seven and a half hours of sun protection. If you burn in just 5 minutes, you'll only be protected for two and a half hours.

3. To get a sunscreen's full SPF protection, you need to apply more than you think.

woman in the outside

The product featuring an SPF. What's the right amount? Follow the Two Finger Rule : for a person's face, neck, and ears apply a line of sunscreen 1/8" wide down the index and middle fingers. The same amount is also applied to different areas of the body: each arm and shoulder is one area, each leg another, the torso and back are two other areas. All are covered by the Two Finger Rule. Fingers make a great measuring tool since they are the right size for each person's body areas, whether you're a small child or a large adult!

4.SPF 30 is high enough for most people.

Even if you are taking a drug or have a medical condition that causes your skin to react to sunlight, dermatologists say SPF 30 should provide enough protection to keep your skin safe in the sun. Of course, nothing is as effective as wearing protective clothing or staying out of the sun altogether.

5. There is no such thing as a "healthy" tan.

Any tan- even a base tan- signals that DNA within skin cells has sustained damage

old woman wrinkles

. Here's how a tan develops: When damage occurs, DNA sends a molecular message to nearby cells named 'melanocytes' to tell them the body's own sunscreen -named 'melanin' -is needed to protect the DNA from further damage. Whether this tanning process occurs in natural sunlight or from tanning lamps is irrelevant. The damage is done. And this damage is almost always embedded in the DNA for years- if not a lifetime-where it waits to show up as premature sighs of age or even skin cancer, triggered by a bout of intense UV exposure, such as a vacation in the sun years after the initial damage occurs. So no UV-tanned skin, regardless of the UV source is healthy. None.

Recommendation from Scent of Lavender

Solar defender from Forlavede



Solar Defender SPF30.We've made it light enough to wear everyday, yet it's so effective you'll feel protected under the harshest sun conditions-whether you're at the beach, on the ski slope, on a sailboat or at the office.

The secret is our new sunscreen technology. We take the gentlest sunscreen available-Zinc Oxide- and micronized it to provide a sheer, invisible layer of protection you won't see or feel throughout the day. Then we suspend the micronized Zinc Oxide in an extremely mild silicone lotion and blend in age-fighting antioxdant Vitamin C and E, calming greenTea and soothing Aloe Vera for one of the gentlest, yet most effective, sunscreens ever developed.

What you get is sun protection you can count on everyday-even if you forget it's there.

Solar Defender SPF 30 Gentle, age-fighting sun protection. It's your best weapon against your skin's worst enemy.

$30.00 (Summer Special @ $27.00)

Anti-Wrinkle Skin Enhancing UV Protection SPF 30



A safe and beautiful sun-kissed glow! Immediately enhance the look of your skin while minimizing premature aging and offer a physical barrier against UVA/UVB rays and free radical damage. This revolutionary sunscreen self-adjusts to the color of your own skin tone, enhancing your complexion and offering smooth, flawless coverage while offering a rich blend of anti-inflammatories and antioxidant protection. You'll be amazed with this sunscreens lightweight feel and powerful antioxidant protection
$40.00 (Summer Special @$36.00

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