Sakura Cherry blossols concert for children in Japan

“Sakura” (Cherry Blossom) Concert co-sponsored by Scent of Lavender

 Cheer for Japan. American elementary school children paid tribute to Japanese children by playing the harp.

Thanks to Julia who introduced this to us.harp concert

Julia Gaskill is an Executive Director of an NPO, Young Musician’s Foundation (YMF). YMF is supporting the Moffett Elementary School in Lennox, CA whose students come from families with financial difficulties. With YMF support, the Moffett elementary school music program teaches 4th & 5th grade children to play the harp.

When someone mentioned the March 11 th earthquake and devastation in Japan, students of this program asked their teacher if they could play a Japanese Cherry Blossom song which they learned before and send the video of it to cheer for the Japanese people.
The teacher and parents were very much impressed with these students and galvanized the entire school community to have their idea become a reality.

Please watch the performance on YouTube below:


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