Stress and Skin

According to a study by American Psychological Association(APA) the top cause of stress are:
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1. Job pressure
2. Money
3. Health
4. Relationships
5. Poor nutrition
6. Media Overload

Any of those keeping you awake at night? You would not be alone.

The same APA study found that 73% experience psychological symptoms and 77% of people under stress experience physical symptoms. One of those physical symptoms is rapid aging. The effect of stress is so powerful that it can age the skin six to ten years or more.


Cortisol, know as the "stress hormone" ,gets a bad rap in the world of esthetics, but the truth is that we wouldn't be alive without it.

Cortisol is involved in several function including

Regulation of blood pressure
Insulin release for blood sugar maintenance
Immune function
Inflammatory response
proper glucose metabolism

Additionally , small increases of cortisol can have some positive effects:

A quick burst of energy for survival reasons
Heightened memory function
A burst of increased immunity
Lower sensitivity to pain

It's when the body is continually bathed in cortisol that physical and psychological problems can begin to appear. And that chronic stress can show up on the skin.

How STRESS effect the Skin ?

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Stress can show up on the skin in several different ways:

Stress wrinkles
Stress tension lines
Stress breakouts
Stress redness

The good news is the effects of stress on the skin can be stopped in its tracks with lifestyle change and regular esthetic care. Starting an exercise routine ,making better food choices, getting solid sleep and detoxing from media are all excellent ways to begin to reduce stress.

There are products to help to correct stressed skin problem.

Recommended products from Scent of Lavender

For home care , we suggest a layer of R-relief Serum which immediately soothes redness, Stress Recovery Complex, interrupts the cycles of stress and ensures that the skin stays in control while looking rested, clear, smooth and relaxed.

Stress Recovery Complex(30ML)

Features a new class of patented and patent-pending ingredients based on the field of neuro-immuno-dermatology. In combination,this ingredient trio is designed to calm signs of emotional stress via interaction with stress-related hormones and neuropeptides.

R-Relief Serum
(30ML ) $45


Visibly reduce signs of Chronic redness

This skin soothing serum is effective on the following conditions:
Rosacea-prone skin
Chronic redness
Consistent tenderness and sensitivity
Pustular and/dry flakiness
Control visible redness & other aggravating factors linked to rosacea.
Soothe chronic tenderness associated with persistent redness.
Help reduce future flare-ups.
Clearer, Healthier looking skin within day to weeks.

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