Warning signs of skin cancer

In last two month I found suspicious spots on my clients skin . They went to their doctor and found out those were skin cancers.
Summer is here, I 'd like to share some info about skin cancer.

People normally think that skin cancer is brown or black hard legions. With my long time experience been skin professinal, I see many peoples are neglecting pink or red spots which are prone to be a skin cancer or cancer.

pink spot skin cancer

I f you have any pink or red spot that constantly irritated and scaling, please ask your doctor to check.
skin cancer signs

Sun block

I would recommend Sunblock with physical blocker ingredients( Zinc oxide, Titanium oxide) are very safe and powerful sunblock.
Be careful of too high SPF number. The numbers more than SPF 30 will be not much different as far as strength of protection from the sun is concerned. It is good idea to test sample on the skin behind of your ear or inside part of your upper arm.

Have a happy summer !!!!!!

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