Smoker's skin

Smoking & Skin


We don't need to tell you that smoking is bad. Yet, we all have clients who still insist on lighting up. According to the centers for Disease Control,

Approximately 45.3 million Americans smoke (that's 19.3% of adults 18-years and older). The damage that smoking does inside the body is well documented, but many smokers don't realized the toll it takes on the skin.

Smoker's Skin

Slightly reddened or orange complexion
Mild puffiness
Breakdown of elastin fibers (elattosis) produce yellow, irregularly thickened skin
Contains less water than non-smokers'
Increased wrinkling especially in the cheeks and around the mouth
Blackheads are more common in smokers-appearing on the tops of cheeks, sides of nose, upper lip& forehead.

And they're large& harder due to oxidation from free radicals in smoke.
Smoker's skin facts

Smoke destroys collagen. It takes up to a week after one exposure to regenerate. Collagen-destroying enzymers(MMPS) ramp up when exposed to tobacco smoke.

Heavy smokers are nearly 5Xs more likely to be wrinkled than non smokers
Flbroblasts- collagen-making dermal cells-produce 40% less collagen when exposed to tobacco smoke.
Every breath of smoke kills over 50,000 natural killer cells in the lungs. There circulating cells are the body's primary defense against Cancer. But that's not all, first & secondhand smoke reduce the speed of wound-healing chemicals in smoke after the arrangement of cell's internal structure,causing cells to stick to one another& reducing their ability to move during the healing process. This leads to abnormal healing& excessive scarring .Of course, the healthiest move is to stop. If that's not an option, stop smoking 2 weeks before & after surgery.

Problem solvers for smokers !!!!!!!

Exposure to 1 st & 2nd Hand Smoke: Pollution solution mist according to 24-hours in vitro cell study, Luminaria Digitata , an ocean-grown algae that is in this hard- working mist, protests environmentally exposed skin offers 100% protection from tobacco smoke.

Lipid peroxide- the main free radical that destroys skin's barrier- triples 24 hours after skin is exposed to the smoker from just 1 cigarette.

White tea extract in Pollution Solution Mist neutralizes 55-75% of lipid peroxide.

Gray, Sallow. Sow to respond: Oxygen Boosting Complex Two forms of corn extract and ergothioneine increase ATP production to energize as it corrects gray, sallow skin tone.

Loss of Firmness, increased wrinkles: Advanced Firming Complex Matrixyl peptides smooth wrinkles as much 68% in 2-6 months, and algae peptides help increase skin firmness by 20% and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by 27%.

Blackheads: TripleC& E comlex replaces C&E depleted from the skin and protection from blackheads.

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