The Truth about Sunscreen

The truth about Sun Screen

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1. There is no such thing as sunblock.

No sun screen completely block UV rays.

An SPF 15 protests against 93% of UV rays(allowing 7% to get through and burn your skin),SPF 30 protects against 97%(allowing 3% to get through and burn your skin),

SPF 50 wards off 98%, SPF 98 about 99%- and these percentages only pertain if you apply the right amount. If not , even less protection is delivered. So get rid of the word "sunblock"- unless you're saying," there's no such thing as sunblock".

2. What is SPF

The SPF number tells you the amount of time it take your skin to become slightly red 24 hours after sun exposure. If 15 minutes of sun exposure brings redness to your skin the following day, then SPF 30 gives you seven and a half hours of sun protection. If you burn in just 5 minutes, you'll only be protected for two and a half hours.

3. To get a sunscreen's full SPF protection, you need to apply more than you think.

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The product featuring an SPF. What's the right amount? Follow the Two Finger Rule : for a person's face, neck, and ears apply a line of sunscreen 1/8" wide down the index and middle fingers. The same amount is also applied to different areas of the body: each arm and shoulder is one area, each leg another, the torso and back are two other areas. All are covered by the Two Finger Rule. Fingers make a great measuring tool since they are the right size for each person's body areas, whether you're a small child or a large adult!

4.SPF 30 is high enough for most people.

Even if you are taking a drug or have a medical condition that causes your skin to react to sunlight, dermatologists say SPF 30 should provide enough protection to keep your skin safe in the sun. Of course, nothing is as effective as wearing protective clothing or staying out of the sun altogether.

5. There is no such thing as a "healthy" tan.

Any tan- even a base tan- signals that DNA within skin cells has sustained damage

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. Here's how a tan develops: When damage occurs, DNA sends a molecular message to nearby cells named 'melanocytes' to tell them the body's own sunscreen -named 'melanin' -is needed to protect the DNA from further damage. Whether this tanning process occurs in natural sunlight or from tanning lamps is irrelevant. The damage is done. And this damage is almost always embedded in the DNA for years- if not a lifetime-where it waits to show up as premature sighs of age or even skin cancer, triggered by a bout of intense UV exposure, such as a vacation in the sun years after the initial damage occurs. So no UV-tanned skin, regardless of the UV source is healthy. None.

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